Once one noticed an apple to fall,
                          Revealed to all: it was gravity's call!

                          World is an ocean of extraordinary,
                          Deceptively calm, unless you worry.

                          Terrific visionaries do trace onward,
                          Unveil— truth was cleverly covered.


                          Children cherish all: always in awe;
                          Grownups condone, preach profit-law.

                          Poor boy is full of joy with toy car;
                          Mercedes mayn't please a millionaire.

                          While growing up, we unknowingly kill
                          Our childly mind, curiosity, sheer zeal.

                          We assume, 'This is very known to me'
                          Thrill is thrown out, splashes ego only.

                          Review once all you thought you knew,
                          See how freshly thoughts unfold anew.

                          Rigid shut mind and eyes wide open,
                          Won't only see every jewel mundane?

                          Free mind forgoes, forbids customary,
                          Finds everywhere some extraordinary!
                                                                  Graphics: Author

This work was hypothecated to 'Midweek Motif ~ Seeking the Extraordinary in the Ordinary' curated by Sumana Roy and is linked to 'Poetry Pantry #358' curated by Mary at Poets United.

Learn more about the author: Biswajit