Hello everybody,
I’m telling you today the story of a musical family.
That was a huge arrangement; audience was blasting with cheers. At backstage, the ailing lead vocalist’s throat irritation worsened. His wife, a violinist, called on their son, ‘Dad needs immediate medical attention. Couldn’t you lead today? Our show must go on!’
Parents left. The boy took stand before an wild anticipation. A mere child of ten, started shivering. Many times he had observed dad performing. But never faced such a demanding mass.
Drummer uncle encouraged, ‘Don’t worry son, we’re here’
The guitarist echoed, ‘Relax. Do your best. We’ll manage’
Unbelievable! The tender sweet voice mastered the orchestra, tantalized the crowd.
In the next morning event organiser came to see the ailing vocalist.
‘Sir! We got a stupendous offer for the next week!’
Wife intervened, ‘Sorry, we can’t accept. Doctor advised him rest of three months at least’
‘Not him, madam, the offer is for your son’
‘Honorable governor identified the prodigy and wanted him to perform at his palace next week’
Parents went to see how their little genius performs. The overjoyed father forgot his illness, whistled aloud! And cried out in burning pain. Again he was taken to the doctor.
The doctor was stunned, ‘It’s Miracle! Swelling is no more. In a week he would recover’

This was the story of my first ever stage show, seventy-five years back.
Thank you all. Good night.
Tomas Edward, the singing legend, concluded his speech.
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