Robinson became impatient. The faculty-team might arrive any moment at their computer lab.

‘Hurry, John! Madam called me and confirmed this address. They’re just a mile away!’
‘Oh no, graphics aren’t optimized yet!’
‘Do it anyway, else, none could save us’
‘Just a minute, bro, I got a saviour …’
‘Who’s that?’
‘The bridge! Bridge will save us’

Exam-team’s brand new SUV was coming like a spacecraft. While yards short of the bridge they got John’s call.
‘Madam, can I speak to the driver please? It’s urgent message…’

Vehicle stopped emergently.
‘…Yes? Speaking…’
‘Sir you must avoid the river-bridge! Just now an inspection team reported a crack therein’
‘But we’re already on the bridge and didn’t notice any such alert’
‘—What! Oh my God! Just now we saw the report in a local newscast!’
‘Oh; okay, okay I’m taking U-turn. Thank you very much son!’
‘Welcome sir. Take the safe route, right turn before the bridge’

At their lab, relaxed John, ‘So, we have at least an hour more’
Robinson’s eyes were bulging in surprise— what a genius his friend was!


tall shrewd-looking gentleman:
‘Hello boys! I’m Professor Allen. Can I come in?’
‘Yes. How could we help you sir?’
‘I live nearby. Madam Theresa is still on the way, so she asked me to bridge the time gap. Let’s start the scrutiny of your project?’

Photo: K S brooks

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