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            New set of info, if important, becomes News.
            Awakens awareness; may amuse, may bemuse.

            Newscast is like a fresh blow of sturdy wind,
            Newsmen embody— truth, tolerance, trust twined.

            Ignorance is corrosive, makes a life fragile
            Bulletins help strengthen; maintain it agile.

            Worship or war, everywhere, reporters befriend all,
            They explore deadly spots and attend duty's call.

            Rarely though, news did home dyed melodrama.
            Those might be exceptions, but we got as trauma.

            Neither to please someone, nor to tease anyone,
            Just to show all-round facts news teams must run.

            News unveils decent bare happenings at large
            Honours its audience as the honourable judge.

            We expect them colour-free, free from polarity,
            Let the media become great patron of humanity.

            As the mirror hides itself behind its captured object,
            Ideal media is thus modest, reflects the news obtained.
Graphics: Author

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