Humans hold values
Like math-variables.
Life computes on us;
Willingly, or helplessly,
Sometimes unawarely
We change. 
Fans and followers
Are hurt:
How can our idols
Catch a scratch ever!
They overlook,
Artists too are humans,
Only overstretched. 

One may decay, or,
Become divine
Depending on the
Way they walk on.
But, a masterpiece,
Once created, forever
Masters hearts of millions.

While finishing
A masterpiece,
The artist attains
But that is very hard
To retain
Whenever lost,
The world would see
The artist gloomy.       

It's hard to retain
Values once gained,
Unless we become
As tough as a saint.
Beauty can’t hide blemishes;
Saw the moon?
Fire fails to fade filthy scars;
Knew the sun?
Could we then
Decline sun-rays and moonlight
As their sources aren't spotless?                           

Sparking artists are
Earthian stars;
Condemn deeds you dislike
If any, for sure!
But, can who-they-are make
Witful works impure?

Condemning creator's misdeeds,
Generations to come would
Worship worthy works.

Graphics: Author

Note: This was originally written for the 'Singer or Song' Musing curated by Rosemary Nissen-Wade of Poets United

Learn more about the author: Biswajit