In an ancient Indian village there lived a farming labour. He was highly neglected, but was determined to make his child an educated, respected person in society. When the boy turned eight, he took him to a prestigious school. It was two days journey to a distant town. Midway was a jungle.

After a great deal of insisting the school enrolled the boy. The homesick child saw a new way of life. Adjusting with townish etiquette proved tough.
Within three months, most teachers declared the boy unsuitable for their school's repute. Some commented that his brain was too dungy to train. The innocent was expelled with due scolding.

Before the school could summon guardian, the hurt lad escaped for home. He ran fast till the forest. But then realized, he was unsure about the way ahead. Still, jungle seemed safer than the school. He continued to run. Hours passed. Area got denser. Sunlight and his confidence became low. He lost way. Moving anywhere was useless.

Like a magic, he discovered an old man standing before him. Tangled rough hair, thick moustache and beard, but calm affectionate eyes— strange, but trustable.

— 'Tell me what troubled you?'
— 'Teachers called me dungy, useless!'
— 'Dungy, useless? Come to my garden'

'See these fruits and vegetables? I grew. Want to know what I manured this with?'
— 'What?'
— 'Cow-dung'
— 'Really?'
— 'Yes. From now you're my disciple. I'll make you a true teacher'

— 'Yay!'

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