Anandi became unmindful. Last week she made a commitment to her handsome man.

She was relaxing in her bed with granny.

‘Baby, are you in love?’

‘What! No grandma…I’m sure, I mean, I’m not sure that…’

‘That’s it. True love has touched my angel!’

It was a candid proposal. He sang for her. She reciprocated spontaneously, as if, misting each other with tantalizing romance diluted in sweet melody.
But from the next day, confusions were waving her mind. Even her disciplined heart was oozing profound feelings for him, too often. She accepted the most special person she had ever seen. Did she do right?
Anticipations made her swirling like a little girl. She ran to her dad, as she used to a decade ago.
‘Dad, should I trust that boy?’

‘How can I know dear?’

‘Didn’t I show you his photo? You heard his song, remember, you told him a lovely singer?’

‘Hmm. By the way, did you like him?’

‘Yah, no— I’m just asking’

‘Listen, love is infestation’

‘You mean?’

‘Romance infests any naive heart with swarm of feelings’
‘— Feelings are like swarm of locusts, they nibble’
‘Yes, that’s…’
‘At times it would appear pleasing, and seldom teasing too’
‘So, what to do with the swarm?’
‘You know, not all infestations are harmful; some are beneficial’
‘May be, but how would I decide?’
‘Ask yourself: are feelings for him hurting or healing you?’
‘I know. I've talked to him. We’ll meet tomorrow!’

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