'Papa will you show me the magic fountain?'
'Magic fountain!'
'And what's that?'
'Man-made fountain, friends told me. They went there'
'Magic fountain? Human made?' the farmer hardly believed.
'I must see it papa— please, please, please!' the boy stuck to his agenda.
'Okay, okay, Jackie, let me first know where it is. I will take you there, promise'

Jackie's father was a farmer. Next evening, after work he went to his neighbour Hans, a junior school teacher.
'Hello Mr. Hans, I need your help'

'Sure, come in'
'Well, is there anything called magic fountain?'
'Who said that?'
'Jackie, my son. He keeps fantasizing all the time. It must be false, no?'
'Not at all. Your child is intelligent'
'Where's it? Can I take him there?'
'It's in town, near the business centre, at about forty-five km'

Early in the morning overjoyed Jackie and his father started out. Twenty minutes walking to the highway, then by bus. It was an amusement park. Tickets were costly. They entered and faced the marvel. Astonishing!

'Son, are you happy?'
'Yes papa. Wow! See changing colours with the music rhythm!'

The man was too perplexed to respond. Something had chained his mind. They toured all the day and returned by evening.

At night, the wife noticed unmindful hubby.
'Jackie's papa, was the magic fountain really beautiful, like me?'
'Sweetheart, they are showering lavishly, all just for fun. Here my crops are drying out and I'm helpless'

Photo: K S Brooks

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