Lilly texted her dearest, Ronny. Two months ago they met on the internetThe sweet boy replied immediately:

‘Wow, c u in an hour @ zoo-cafe’

Parents were out for a day long party. At her comfy dressing table Lilly dabbed final spells of pinkish retouching on cheeks.
Oh no— SMS from elder sister Julie: ‘Lil, we’re coming @1pm. Stay home’
Alas, what a mess!’ Lilly scratched on the mirror.

What an embarrassment. Almost sixteen minutes passed undecided. At last she played a trick. Called sister back:

— ‘Hello sis, you know, today we are attending a party. So …’

— ‘Okay Lil, take care. We’ll then meet tomorrow’

— ‘Thank you sis–Love you–Bye.’

Lilly disconnected the call and called Ronny, ‘Hey Ron, please wait there, I’m just coming’
Locked the apartment and fumbled out.
At the cafe:

— ‘Lilly, I came an hour ago, as I had promised’

— ‘Yah, I’m sorry’

— ‘Your parents weren’t home. Why coming late then?’

— ‘Sis wanted to visit today!’

— ‘Really? Then how did you manage?’
— ‘Top secret!’

‘Not any secret sweetheart, Lil’

Lilly turned backwards, found his elder sis with his hubby in an adjacent table.

— ‘So, this boy is your special one?’

— ‘No-no, sis, nothing like what you–‘

— ‘It’s okay baby. I won’t disclose’

— ‘But sis, you are here?’

— ‘Dad had called me. And, to clarify furthermore, your Ron is my hubby's cousin’

— ‘Whaa...t!’
— ‘Well, we’ll spend the day together. Agreed?’

Julie went to buy four tickets.

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