William took out a torn dull paper from his safe.
A letter; parting note from the one closest to his heart, Emmy. She had come like a pleasant hazy dream, then vanished unnoticed. Faded lines on the pale paper became William’s only means to relive the togetherness he needed most. His moist eyes crawled through those deep rooted lines:
What a faith I had come with!
Was I so mundane that you did not see me?

I had spent all night in alone anticipation. I had to make sure that I would wow you. In cool breeze I groomed up myself bit by bit— you know why? In the dim auroral glow at dawn I wanted to shine like a dewdrop for you.You entered the garden, took a seat, stared all around. And you didn’t notice I was there. How!

I was awaiting your attention while I saw the girl. You might have been waiting for her. You two got engrossed completely in each other’s company. Nice couple!

Thank God; her presence helped me to know you better.May your success shine like the sun. Let your ‘Dewdrop’ disappear…

Reaching end of the letter William shouted out, ‘Emmy, how could you take it so wrong!’
The girl who came that day to see William was his childhood friend, a marriage registrar. They both were waiting for Emmy.

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