Jim's parents occupied a pocket behind highway. Long struggle was over.
They had to move around all the day in search of living. Jim,10, had the responsibility to stick to their piece of land till parents return. Nearby was a gift shop. Jim used to stare through its glass walls.
He was different from neighbourhood children. He didn’t have any school to go, neither did he get colourful uniforms, schoolbag, bicycle. And didn’t even have a room to withstand a strong storm.

He once asked father for a multicolour schoolbag. Father didn’t reply; mother could not hide tears.

One day Jim approached the shop, ‘Uncle, what’s the price of that golden deer?’

Shopkeeper got irritated, ‘Joking! Get out you beggars’

He further added, ‘Pray Santa Claus and wait till Christmas eve’

The boy was too innocent to make out that ridicule.
24 Dec, midnight, a havoc struck the city; a severe earthquake.

Jim and his parents were safe under their stretched canopy. But Jim noticed the gift shop’s shutter was trembling. He moved closer. It was ajar, glass-case broken and?… That pair of golden deer uncovered.

He screamed, ‘Dad! Call the shopkeeper, costly items inside are insecure, getting damaged’
The shopkeeper rushed to the spot and secured the store. He asked Jim’s father, ‘Would you like to work for me?’

He gifted Jim the set of golden deer and promised, ‘Coming January I’ll admit you to a reputed school. Get ready’

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