SMS from some unknown number: ‘Will, I’m back in CT. meet?~reby’
Reby! Rebecca, after long five years. William replied: ‘Come home @ evening’
On knock, William slowly opened the door. Seeing his goddess his eyes moistened. Her eyes became wet. For a while, they were talking without words.
Rebecca broke the silence, ‘May I…’
‘— You must, come in’ his voice erupted.
William took her hand in hand, lead to the dining hall. She followed.
‘Be seated’
Rebecca smiled, seated.
William lifted a lid, ‘Coffee, French toast, and sliced apple— yours favourite’
Supper continued.
Rebecca insisted, ‘After supper walk a mile? Remember college days?’
‘Hmm, miles after miles we stepped together! I really miss that’
‘I too. Let’s relive those moments?’
‘Why not?’
‘Let’s stroll’
The rain-drenched road was highlighting the mysterious streetlights.
‘Will, how is your business going?’
By then William was feeling too drowsy to answer.
‘Hey, William, tell me sweetheart?…’
2 am
William woke up to his mobile ring tone. Found himself in own bed.
‘Hi Pal, any problem?’
‘Boss, police is raiding our secret den. Abscond as soon as possible. Bye’
‘… Bye!’
William cried out in spasm, ‘Reby!’
The next day in his new shelter William saw the Breaking News:
‘Successful sting operation by service de police: Inspector Rebecca nominated for national award’

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