Lucky child! Parents both are highly established professionals’
— said all when Jacob took birth. But within months he became an unavoidable headache to his busy parents. They used to request each other to do some ‘Sacrifice’ for the baby, but could do neither. Finally, proving incompatibility before court of law, in search of a better life they separated.
The child cried demanding mom and dad both under single roof. But, his naive voice was overlooked, overruled.
Jacob’s legal guardianship was awarded to his Grandpa, the father of his mother. Granny became his friend-philosopher-guide. During babyhood, at times, Jacob used to get depressed; he used to ask about parents. Granny taught him how to restrain, refrain. She showed him the moon. While trillions of stars occur in pairs and clusters twinkling to one another, the moon is happily forgotten; calm, the rarest.
‘That moon is one like you, the most precious. He can transform scorching sun-rays to soothing moonlight. Now smile like a full moon?’
Jacob used to get a smiling relief.
Jacob, 14, was at balcony, staring at the moon, alone. Granny had passed away a day ago.
—‘Jacob, I want you and your mom back in my life. Son, won’t you help me recover from isolation?’
Jacob turned behind, saw his dad, with mom. He became speechless at first. Then boldly replied, ‘One condition: Grandpa will stay with me. Agreed?’

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