Teaching a toddler is terribly tough.
I remember I was told about monsters of our sea-shallow. Those, supposedly, preyed on disobedient youngsters. Grandpa had clarified, ‘They can smell mischief’
The coast was two and half miles from home. It’s a popular spot for scuba diving. But I knew, unlike others, I was hardly obedient. So how could I dare to enter that water? I even alerted some adamant classmates about those monsters. Alas, most took it as a joke! I was fully sure, they would fall prey someday.
One day we went there on outing. Classmates were enjoying scuba diving. I seated aside plotting some story. I heard a cry for help, found my best pal Jim struggling in the water.
Oh no, sea-monster! But Jim had been undoubtedly obedient. Why would then a monster attack him? An unexpected inspiration agitated me. I sprang to confront the danger.
To one who cannot swim, a shallow becomes ocean. Jim did not know swimming. He didn't even take a scuba, neither a life belt. That's all. No monster appeared and we came out of the water safely.
Back to home, I told all everything. Grandpa still argued, ‘Dear, Jim should have worn scuba and a life belt before entering the water. Didn’t teacher tell him?’
— ‘Teacher had told. But Jim forgot’
— ‘See, that’s the smell of disobedience. Monsters did come. But then, intimidated by your bravery and togetherness, dissolved away’
Each life faces endless monsters— miseries, which smell, prey on our faults. Could we stand together and confront, most of them will dissolve away then and there.

Today I surely know, owing to the shallow.

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