Can we humans envy an animal? Well, we had to once.
It was our zoo trip. Under supervision of an uncle, we were a gang of four, close cousins, all below eleven. I was the second-eldest, ten. Those days we had been desperate to prove how grown up we already were. We used to expect serious attention from everyone around. We could hardly appreciate that we still were ‘Children’
Zoo was a perfect place to demonstrate our courage before fierce ones— tiger, lion, crocodile, so on. All well confined behind cages. So, the obvious pride of power went to us. That's enough reason to rejoice.
I challenged, ‘Hey stupid tiger, come I’ll teach you lesson’
Little sis Emily went further, ‘Oooh, Mr. Lion! See, I’m a big girl now, not afraid of you anymore. I don’t even care you. Look, I'm bigger than you!Yaaa...’
We enjoyed team-pride almost for half an hour. Then uncle called us back, ‘Children, come let’s now move to the renovated area of the park. It’s very interesting’
We followed him to discover some new marvel, which eventually, became a lesson.
We saw we would have to walk through a caged-way that stretched across the newly designed deer-park. We entered. In a minute I discovered a deer staring at us in a peculiar gesture as if laughing at asI showed sis. As usual, they all started taunting it immediately.
Hey, here caged are we, and the deer is freely enjoying the view’ I intervened.
The deer appeared smiling, perhaps enjoyed what I said.

Uncle was listening all, commented, ‘The deer is pleased to see you my caged kids!’
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