The rainy day seemed quite dry for Dr. Robin. He alone was attending the clinic. Technical assistants did not come due to heavy rainfall. Patients were cancelling appointments. Came only two parties— a lady in the morning, and a little girl with her father, just a minute ago. The doctor looked at his wrist watch; 6:30 pm.

As he moved near the dental light to switch it off, he noticed a faint-yet-sharp buzzing sound. A beetle. It was jumping onto the light again and again, as if trying to enter inside.
He playfully said,‘Hey stupid fly, why hitting my lamp so hard!’

—‘Who are you talking to, dear?’
Surprised by the sudden voice Robin turned backwards. It was Charlie, his close friend and nearest neighbour. He was a bookseller, and a passionate philosopher.
— ‘Hi Charlie, come, see, it’s an insect’
— ‘Interesting, the busy doc arguing with a bug?’
— ‘See how it’s hitting my light. So ridiculous, no?’
— “Sure! It wants ‘More light’ ”
— ‘Sorry?’
— ‘It saw the glow, felt elated, then wanted more, so jumped into it, but could not reach, thus got more desperate for more. It wants to grab all the light, if possible, the source’
— “Want of ‘More’ made it mad?”
— ‘Just like you and me, my friend. We knew the red alert that tide may flood our town anytime. But see, still we have been at work…’
— “For ‘More?’ ”
— ‘Any doubt?’
— ‘Well. Help me, closing my chamber. Let’s go home, ASAP’

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