At last I located the spot. Villagers named it as 'Way-to-God' boardwalk. I inquired passers-by.
One said, ‘It's a sacred place. That's all we know'
A lad whispered, 'Keep off, no one ever returned from there'

One fine morning I went on to find the truth. As I stepped on, the boardwalk tilted a little. Gradually I learnt the balance and moved on.

More than a mile passed but the rare end looked disappearing further into the forest. I continued. In an hour I reached a denser jungle. Thin lines of sun-rays were only light available under that leaf-fringed sky. I had to use dagger very often to make my way. Progressing a mile took hours. And above all, worn and weak boards were crunching under my feet at random, as if, I was in some thrilling video game world. Varieties of wild monkeys, snakes, and spiders worsened the struggle.

Near dusk, the boardwalk ended to a wide open hilly area. I noticed a hermitage. A saint was sitting outside in a rigid-yet-relaxed posture.
I approached, 'Pranaam Maharaj, is this a way to the almighty?'
The saint smiled calmly, 'Find inside'

As I entered the hut I found myself before a giant mirror. Wonderful! I did not ever imagine that such a bright high-spirited look I could ever have!

I ran back to him.
— 'Wow! That's a magic mirror?'
— 'No magic, son, you earned that glow by sheer struggle and concentration. That's how we experience Him, see Him. The mirror is mundane'

A doubt came to me. Was he hiding some secret?
I ran back to hut to check the mirror thoroughly.

What a shock; this time my image looked as dull as a dry leaf.
I came back to him to ask for clarification.

— 'Beta! Doubt spoils determination, and the God-ness in you'

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