A toddler found the crushed paper atop a bush. He was trying to understand the handwritten note:
A year ago I met Dr. Jacob in India. He promised to call me US for some project. I got his e-mail:
'I recommended your name for our geophysical project. Organizers would send you air-tickets, and would pay you handsome allowance'

I reached California today. A uniformed driver received me at airport.
I asked, 'How far are we heading now?'
— 'Nearly eight hours'

He led me to a luxurious caravan, more comfortable than aircraft,
'Feel at home sir. Should you need anything, press the calling button. Now relax'

The cosy drive ended at this deserted place. By the picturesque beauty I readily identified Death Valley.

Dr. Jacob came and explained to me, 'This is a secret project of martians'
It took me minutes to grasp what I was being told.

He continued, 'They have built for us a state-of-the-art lab beneath this valley. They are looking for the best talents on earth...'

— Should I join?
— Why not? Mission-Death-Valley shall make our life. They're offering the finest facilities. Though...

He was stammering, 'Well, you'll have to work for them even...'

— Even if it destroys humans!
All of a sudden a mechanical voice thundered.


'What rubbish are you playing with all the time! Get the instant sanitizer and clean hands thoroughly'
Dad came, scolded the little boy, tore and threw the paper away.

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