Chandra and Divakar, two ancient Indian princes, became disciples of an enlightened sage. They started living in his hermitage near a sea.

One day in the beach
— See Divakar, there is a line binding the sea to sky?
— I noticed. That’s the separation line between sea and sky.
— Separation? Not binding? Are you sure?
— Ask the master?
— Better. Let’s.
The sage listened to both.
— Boys, do a thought experiment; meditate. Close your eyes and see… we are droplets of sea water… floating, waving near the sea surface…
— Then?
— Sunlight is heating us and we are getting lighter… diffusing… more and more… and more… see we are passing into the sky…
Pin-drop silence for a minute.
— Open your eyes, boys, did you see any line between the sea and the sky?
— No such line, master.
— Right. A water droplet in the sea gradually rises into the sky. Boundary is mere illusion.
— So, we quarrelled uselessly…
— Children, quarrels are products of imaginary lines, which some see as bonds, others see as separations. Beyond every boundary, we are one.
‘O Mr. Writer, finish the story. Come on, we have to visit the lighthouse today’
Girlfriend is calling.
Well, relation too is like that horizon— depends on how we see it. Okay. Take care. Bye.

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