I was in a hut with my agent Matthews, a seasoned smuggler. We met in a casino. Impressed by his crime records, I offered him fifty-fifty partnership in my mission.

Northern Black Hills is only a few miles from here. As per our information, recently some explorers have found traces of gold in the nearby ancient canyon. And we are going to realize ‘EL Dorado’

Matthews called me in the midnight:

— ‘Good news! The government has declared us dead’ his crooked eyes sparkled.

— ‘Oho! A new life. Golden days are waiting us.’

— ‘Golden indeed! Let’s just mind the mine?’

— ‘No worries partner, everything done. Your duty is to pass the gold to the safe custody’

— ‘Don’t worry genius! I’ll manage the rest. Okay then. Goodnight’

As soon as he left, two soldiers broke in my room.

One said, ‘Game over gentleman! Marshal has sent us here to take you’

‘Sorry! What do you mean?’

‘Well, for your kind information, Mr. Matthews is army intelligence officer. Now let’s move?’

At this point I woke up, 11:34 pm; obviously I thought it a dream. I am staying in Deadwood hotel on an official research trip.

The room service came, ‘Sir, someone waiting to meet you’

Gave me a golden visiting card:

Mr. Alex Matthews

Tourist Guide

Northern Black Hills


Unbelievable! I needed a guide. But, Matthews?

— Sorry, tell him I don’t need guide’

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