After an overnight rainfall I found a calm and quiet morning-city. I loaded backpack, headed for the zoo to observe nature. Rounding here and there were maintenance staff, but hardly any visitor.

Those golden eyes, and that pair of horns, attracted me. I stared for few minutes. Classy! As if, the crowned head, with due diligence, looking at me from his throne; calm, relaxing, sovereign.

‘Welcome back princess!’ a sudden hooting voice blasted.

— Who said! Breath-taking surprise, made me trembling.

That owl? Unbelievable; but I was the only human being there.

‘Talking owl, are you!’ I uttered the surprise.

‘Can’t you remember me?’ it continued, ‘Oh no, another look-alike, not princess Katrina’


‘He’ unveiled the story:

I’m prince Hans. Years ago, this was a forest in our territory. Right here I met her; liked each other. One day she came with her father for hunting. I had vowed to protect wildlife. So, I strongly resisted, ‘Let me request the king to avoid our territory; we can’t allow hunting here’

She blocked, ‘You can’t imagine how aggressive he is. For my sake, forget your vows. Allow him hunting’

‘No way!’ I shouted out.

That’s all. Like a master magician, she waved her soft hands toward me and uttered in a high pitch

—’Great Horned Owl’
I shrank.
‘I’m sorry my love, for you, I had had to….’ she confessed, ‘I’ll come back and live together….’
She ran away hiding her moist eyes with her palm.

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