Right at midnight some native tribal group rushed at our camp. While fighting back, I got detached from the rest of my troop. I was firing at random at those attackers. Cartridges finished soon, but the aggressive crowd seemed growing.

An arrow passed by me, only an inch apart.

I wished could I shift the time…

Something snatched me up amidst the air, at about six yards above the ground. Below, those aborigines were taken aback, perplexed. Some kind of smoke was thickening around me. When it condensed, I found myself inside a comfortable coach, somewhat like a copter cabin.
A mechanical voice vibrated my mind, as if talking to me. I reciprocated:
— ‘Received your telepathic docket’

— ‘UFO?’

— ‘UTPC: Universal Time Policing Control. How could we help you?’

— ‘Save me from these furious men, just now!’

— ‘Okay. Shifting you to a safer age… 21st century; spot renamed as Cleveland Arcade, Ohio, US.

— ‘Hey, listen! How could I return home?’

— ‘Contact USPC: Universal Space Policing Control for space shift. Then UTPC would take you back to yours natural age. Thank you for contacting’

The cabin disappeared and I found myself in a fantastic, beautiful building.
As I looked for my rifle, instead I found a bouquet in my hand!

I recalled UTPC,

— ‘Hello, where is my rifle?’

— ‘You’re in 21st century, 3rd millennium; bouquet is mightier than rifle’

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