My duty was over. In a relaxed mind I was leaving my office cabin. Just then, a message came:
URGENT: – Fiery smoke broke out in the nearby school’s basement.

Our fire-fighting team was busy in another case. I asked control room for help. They assured, they would send a team within five minutes.
I could not wait, summoned my assistant executive.
— ‘Hi, Sir’
— ‘See the message. We must act right now!’
— ‘But, field-team has not yet returned’
— ‘Couldn’t we face the fire?’
— ‘But sir, you! —’
— ‘I must go there. Follow me if you could’
— ‘Sure, sir’

We drove the fire-truck to the spot in no time.
I suggested, ‘Connect the hose. Quick!’ and entered the danger zone with few select tools. Dense dark, suffocating smoke; scorching heat. But the generous heart overpowered all. I noticed faint sounds— a lady, ‘Save the child…for God’s sake, help! Help!’ then a little girl, ‘Jesus! Help my teacher!’
Tracing that sound I stumbled upon a wooden wall. I thought the victims were behind that partition. I smashed the wall with an axe. And,… nothing more I could sense.
Next morning, a gorgeous lady, with a little girl, came home to see me.
My assistant was there, said, ‘Sir, this madam had helped me to find out and rescue you from the spot’
We looked each other and said ‘Thank you’ we both at once.

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