Janie, 17, shouted, ‘John, remember, I’m elder!’
Janie wanted her younger brother to obey her. She was one-and-half years older after all; eighteen months — not a matter of joke!
But John kept ignoring, said, ‘ Janie, you are not big enough to be obeyed.’
One day, dad showed them a landscape. Mom asked, ‘Should we visit the place during the coming vacation?’
Janie and John readily agreed, together, ‘Wow! What a place, as if paradise’
That was Dunn’s River Falls. Dad arranged a Caribbean tour around Ocho Rios, a charming town on the north shore of Jamaica.
Reaching there, John impatiently ran ahead and entered the water; plunged himself but lost balance. Though the water was shallow, to a novice like John it was troublesome. He cried for help.

Janie was a good swimmer. Hearing brother’s cry she ran and jumped into the water like an expert lifesaver. She gripped John firmly, made him stable.

Parents came near. Presuming a sibling-rivalry mom warned, ‘Hey, stop fighting!’
John, for the first time ever, felt proud of his caring sister, ‘Thank you sis; my elder sis’

‘O, my lovely stupid bro…’ Janie drew him closer into arms.
No space was there for fighting anymore.

Paradise was confined in heart; true belonging opened the door.

I got a call…
— ‘Hello, you disclosed that 1998-incident in web?’
— ‘John! Oh, Yes,’
— ‘Your readers liked?’
— ‘Let’s wait…I think they would’

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