At dawn Joy’s doorbell rang.
— ‘Coming…’
Joy and Ravi started their secret mission. Secret, because, parents say adventure means odd-venture.
They walked to the valley; saw innumerable guests had come, flying all the way from some distant snowy land to India. Migratory birds. Smooth white, animating wide wings— Amazing! Beyond boundaries, they embody pure peace and pleasure.
Joy noticed a noise, like stampede.
Few rowdy boys were throwing pebbles at birds. Joy felt bad but kept mum, until came a sharp louder cry. Boys had trapped a bird. They were teasing it, as if enjoying its pain! Joy could not tolerate. Inhumanity of those boys shocked him.
‘Spare the bird I say!’ Joy raised voice to highest pitch.
‘Let’s have fun with it’ a boy argued.
‘Hey you! They expect a refuge here. And we’re human!’
That was enough. Boys got stunned, and then ran away. But, the bird failed to fly. Fell. Oozing blood rushed over its white feathers. Joy took it to lap and rushed to a nearby clinic, Ravi followed. They begged help. Doctors helped.
Joy took the bird home, nurtured. In two days wound was over. Joy tagged a red ribbon around its neck and brought it back to valley. But?
All birds were gone. Could Joy leave his bird alone there? He turned to take it back home. Just as he turned, the bird became a beautiful girl. Said, ‘Oh my God! We migrate for true warmth. And, I’m the luckiest’

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