The area was a tiger’s den. We took shelter in shooting platform atop a big tree and kept watching for a big show.
‘Annie, Ready! Prey has come’ I alerted my partner.

A young innocent mammal had entered the spot light illuminated area. Anytime the predator would attack. We readjusted weapons — night-vision cameras, attachable lenses, and remote-microphones.

We were waiting anxiously. After almost fifteen minutes the predator appeared— a majestic tiger. Only a few yards apart, the youngster was too perplexed to move. The predator took small confident steps towards it.

— ‘So pathetic’ Annie commented.

— ‘It’s how jungle works’ I continued, ‘Going to be a thrilling video. Wow! Title this: Ruthless Hunt’

Annie nodded, said nothing.

The tiger went closer to the prey. Jumped the final move —but just then, like a thunderstorm something intervened. It thrashed and tossed the tiger away. We could not detect what it was.

‘Oh no, spoiled the video!’ uttering despair I left the focus and tried to sleep.

Anyways, at dawn, we headed back for hotel. In the safari-van I recalled my despair again

— ‘What a bad luck it was, Annie? We missed a great scene’

— ‘No Sir! It’s good luck beyond expectation!’ Annie grinned, ‘You left focus, but I continued shooting. See how a mom repelled a tiger’ showed me her handy cam.

We e-published the video, and a photograph. Annie entered the title: Don’t Mess with Mom!

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